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  • Volvo construction equipment

    We started Volvo business in 2011.
    We sell a wide variety of construction machines made by Volvo, from articulated dumps to wheeled excavators and wheel loaders. We also flexibly respond to customer requests, maintenance and sales of parts for each types of machines.

  • Factory equipment

    We have many large sized equipments in our factory, we will introduce especially unique and special machines. Just check them out !

  • special-purpose vehicle

    At our company, we work on special vehicles that are hard to find at other companies. These machines are super-large, so the size of each part is large. In order to meet the demands of our valued customers, each employee is responsible for their work.

  • Factory work

    Our technical staff are responsible for the work from design to repair, in accordance with the customer's request.
    We not only cut steel, but also modify, assemble, and do various works. This page introduces our work flow in detail.

New project V-CON